As part of our Corporate and Commercial practice, we provide venture capital & private equity litigation services.

Investing: Venture Capital and Private Equity

The term “private equity” is often used interchangeably with “venture capital.” While the terms generally address similar concepts, they have significant differences and require unique legal advice, support and services. Our corporate and commercial attorneys provide advice for venture capital and private equity investment transactions.

Differences Between Venture Capital and Private Equity

Broadly, both refer to the practice of investing in private companies and then exiting the investment through some liquidation transaction. However, venture capital usually occurs at the early stages of a business’s life. It tends to be investment in more speculative and riskier environments. However, private equity often occurs at later stages of a business. Such as, after technology, market and revenue models have been established. So, it tends to be investment to provide growth capital or liquidation for founders and early investors. Our corporate attorneys are knowledgeable with both venture capital and private equity deals. We provide advice on all forms of investment transactions.

Legal Services for Venture Capital and Private Equity Investing

Our business attorneys have experience in representing investors in venture capital, private equity, and debt-funding transactions at the venture, growth, or liquidation capital stages, including for example:

  • Individual

  • Institutional

  • Hedge Fund

  • Family Offices

We understand investment objectives. We have experience in a wide range of investment markets and industries. Our attorneys advise, conduct due diligence, and draft & review documents to help you and your advisors. We also have represented all sides and parties to investment transactions. In addition, we assist with business valuation services, including review of and valuation of intellectual property rights.

Venture Capital for Startups

Startups often get financing through venture capital investments. Venture capital is  used to fund Emerging businesses expected to have high growth potential. Our business attorneys work with entrepreneurs in business startups assisting with business planning, corporate finance, and securing intellectual property. We assist startups and entrepreneurs at all stages of business growth.

Additional Insights Regarding Venture Capital and Private Equity

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