As part of our Corporate and Commercial practice, we provide business planning litigation services.

Legal Planning for Business

All companies and entrepreneurs know that proper business planning is an integral part of running any successful business. While many owners recognize the need to consult legal counsel during the formation of a business entity, few realize that having a business law firm assist in operating the business and navigating a successful exit from a business venture can be just as important.

Whether you are starting a business, transitioning a business venture, undergoing a merger or acquisition, or winding-down a business, our business lawyers can assist in guiding your company through its entire life cycle. We also help clients develop their businesses for success – big or small.

Start-Ups: Business Planning Development

Planning a new business startup is an intensive process and no one should have to go through it without business legal counsel. Therefore, our business attorneys can evaluate your company’s business planning ideas, and help assess what business entity type and growth strategies best fit your needs. Additionally, as an intellectual property and technology-focused firm, we have the experience to help manage and protect your intellectual property assets at the formation stage to help avoid unnecessary IP issues after the company becomes successful. Similarly, our firm can help draft, negotiate, and review contracts indispensable to the start-up process and help protect the company while in initial growth stage.

We help new business startups with the following important legal considerations:

  • Business plan review and consultation

  • Identifying best business entity formation structure

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) drafting and review

  • Safeguarding trade secrets

  • Securing intellectual property assets

  • Drafting and reviewing business agreements

Established Businesses: Business Planning for Operating a Business

Even after a company has been in operations for time, it is important to recognize that obtaining legal help to review your business, intellectual property, and governance practices can significantly reduce risk and enhance value. Our law firm’s experience in advising business owners can significantly impact all stages of business. Often, our comprehensive business review may uncover intellectual property that should be registered or protected. As a result, we also assist you in leveraging your assets more fully to help in securing more corporate financing as well as in finding better investment opportunities for your future business growth.

Our business planning services for more operating businesses include:

  • Due diligence review

  • Drafting custom employment contracts

  • Intellectual property strategy, management, enforcement

  • Information technology business planning

  • Corporate financing related services

  • Software and IP licensing

  • Business to business agreements (B2B)

  • Franchising

  • Buy-Sell agreements

  • Corporate succession

  • Business insurance advice

Company Wind-Down: Business Planning for Dissolution

There are important steps to ending a business, which is often referred to as the winding-down process. Therefore, missing steps can potentially create legal ramifications for the owners long after the entity ceases to exist. However, our business attorneys provide consultation to dissolve a business legally and properly, taking into account the important aspects related to the specific entity.

In planning for dissolving a business entity, we also offer the following legal services:

  • Due diligence of business assets

  • Settling creditor claims

  • Ensuring tax requirements and filings completed

  • Proper division of assets

  • Proper compensation for contributions

  • Preparing internal company dissolution documents

  • Filing dissolution certificate with state department

Additional Insights Regarding Business Planning

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