Technology Law Services

With the rising use of technological advances and innovations, technology and data are assets that require increased security protections as well as proactive attention with the fast changing law involved. Our attorneys assist clients with technology law and data legal issues.

Industry-Focused Technology Law Solutions

While we provide technology & data law solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, restaurants, energy, fashion, ecommerce, health technology, energy, consumer products, telecommunications, and software industries.

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Technology Law Services and Solutions

Our technology law clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our technology law team provides technology & data counseling services on a broad range of issues, including:

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Additional Information About our Technology Law and Data Legal Services

Intellectual Property Audits & Due Diligence

With widespread Internet and smart device accessibility, most have become familiar with intellectual property and IP law. Therefore, companies should become accustomed to the utilization of intellectual property due diligence audits. IP audits are especially useful tools for identifying vital IP assets that need increased protection from theft or misappropriation.

Aside from typical trademark and patent audits, we also perform technology and data IP diligence audits.

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Technology Transactions

The phrase "technology transactions" can apply to a number of transactions under intellectual property (IP) law. The phrase often refers to filing registrations for intellectual property as well as contracts and agreements.

We handle the registration of all forms of intellectual property and also draft complex agreements involving technology and data assets.

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Trade Secret Protection

The phrase “trade secret” refers to a special intellectual property asset that is unique and not reasonably ascertainable by others. Businesses generally leverage trade secrets to attain a competitive advantage. Some refer to trade secrets simply as “confidential information.”

We help clients protect trade secrets in the technology and data fields as well as across all other forms of business.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are legal, binding contracts that protect confidential material, knowledge, or information shared between parties. These NDA agreements are essential in protecting business as well as intellectual property assets. Our IP attorneys draft NDAs to help protect the technology and data assets of a business.

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Customer or Reseller Agreements

Businesses often utilize customer or reseller agreements without even knowing it. Customer or reseller agreements often govern the business relationship one business may enter into with another. These agreements establish the groundwork as well as set out the terms by which companies will interact with each other.

We review, negotiate and draft customer and reseller agreements involving valuable technology and date business assets.

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The Cloud

Cloud computing or cloud storage if often described as the “Cloud”. Cloud computing refers to the technology model for enabling ubiquitous network access to a sharable pool of resources. However, cloud storage refers to the technology model where digital data is available and accessible through computer services provided by server storage providers.

We provide guidance on use of the cloud for technology and data assets and advise on security and legal compliance.

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Technology Outsourcing

Technology outsourcing is also referred to as information technology outsourcing. It is the practice of outsourcing a company’s computer or Internet-related work (e.g., programming, coding, etc.) to other companies. The need for technology outsourcing often arises from a lack of resources or a drive for cost reduction.

Our attorneys handle the drafting and negotiation of agreements related to technology and data outsourcing for businesses.

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Data Privacy

Data privacy is a term that refers to the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data and information. Since such data often contains sensitive information, several legal and political issues surround the control and disclosure of the data. There is reactionary and ever-changing nature of the laws and regulations that govern protection of such data and information. Therefore, compliance with these laws requires companies to constantly reassess their internal and external procedures when dealing with these challenges.

We work with businesses on compliance with privacy rules and regulations through their technology and data assets.

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Data Compliance

In data storage terminology, the phrase “data compliance” generally refers to the practice of ensuring that data is managed or organized in a manner that meets industry-wide regulations and rules set by the relevant jurisdiction or government.

In the technology and data realm of business, data compliance is important. We offer advice and assistance with data compliance measures to safeguard business and limit liability.

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Data Breaches & Hacking

In today’s increasingly connected world, data breaches and hacking have become highly visible concerns. We provide advice on technology and data protection measures and guidance on Internet security laws.

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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is also known as information technology security or computer security. It refers to the security applied to computers, networks, technology infrastructures, and electronic data in general. We offer legal services for cyber security protection of technology and data as well as other business assets.

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