Internet Law and eCommerce Legal Services

Internet and eCommerce businesses require compliance with a myriad of laws covering privacy, security, copyright issues, etc. We offer comprehensive legal services including consultation on best practices and review & drafting of agreements for compliance.

Industry-Focused Internet Law & eCommerce Business Solutions

While we provide patent solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, sporting goods/outdoor goods, fashion, eCommerce, health technology, energy, consumer products, telecommunications, and software industries and specifically provide patent solutions for a wide range of technologies including virtual reality/augmented reality; pharmaceuticals; apps and eCommerce processes; oil and gas tooling; hunting, outdoor activity, and sporting good products.

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Internet Law Services and eCommerce Solutions

Our internet law and eCommerce clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our team of lawyers and other professionals advise clients regarding internet law and eCommerce legal issues on a broad range of topics, including:

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Internet and eCommerce Business

Many business owners do not realize that selling goods or services through the Internet may qualify them as an Internet business. This is in contrast to merely maintaining some sort of web presence (e.g., having a Twitter® profile or Facebook® page for a business). Therefore, Internet business owners should become aware of the legal requirements of doing business online as well as the requirements of internet law.

Our Internet and Ecommerce attorneys advise clients on Internet business compliance as well as issues involving online businesses.

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Domain Name Acquisition

Companies acquiring domains should consider intellectual property rights prior to purchase and use of domains. Domains can often conflict with a third party brand name of trademarks. Our attorneys provide clearance searches and opinions prior to domain acquisition. In addition, companies have found an increased need to proactively domains similar to their brands and marks. We provide domain acquisition and maintenance services for companies seeking trademark protection through defensive domain registration.

We also offer advice on Internet and ecommerce issues associated with domain name acquisition and use.

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DMCA Compliance

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law that criminalizes illegal reproduction and dissemination of copyrighted material. Additionally, DMCA provides safe harbor protection to certain Internet and ecommerce businesses.

Our Internet lawyers advise on best practices and help businesses register a DMCA agent and create processes for safe harbor protection.

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Online Privacy

Online privacy has become an increasingly important concern for Internet and ecommerce users. The use of the Internet often requires users disclose personal information for shopping, paying bills, creating user accounts, etc. Privacy concerns affect even the most casual of Internet users.

We provide guidance to Internet business owners on privacy rights and options for Internet security as well as legal requirements.

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Social Media Law

Social media law entwines with intellectual property law. Companies are typically expected to maintain some sort of web presence. However, companies must be mindful of legal issues surrounding use of social media accounts for business. Companies are often unaware of the legal dangers they may encounter as well as the potential consequences of their Internet actions.

We counsel Internet and ecommerce businesses on best practices for handling social media accounts as well as potential legal issues.

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Privacy Policies

Privacy policies are website agreements that act as a website owner’s statement or notice to website users. The policies include information on privacy, security, use of trackers, as well as limitations on warranties and liabilities. Most Internet users don’t immediately read the policies prior to use of a website. However, having proper policies in place can prevent Internet and ecommerce disputes from website users.

We review website policies for compliance with legal requirements. We also draft custom privacy policies for online business owners.

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Terms of Use Agreements

Terms of Use Agreements are also known as “Terms and Conditions Agreements” or “Terms of Services Agreements”. These are website agreements that govern a website consumer’s use of the website.

Our attorneys draft agreements best suited for the particular type of website and the type of business being run online. We also review website terms of use for compliance with Internet and ecommerce legal requirements.

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Ecommerce Agreements

The term “electronic commerce” is also known as Ecommerce or e-commerce. The terms refer to any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information, products, or services across computer networks such as the Internet. Ecommerce agreements explain the contractual relationship between the website owner and consumer.

Our Internet and ecommerce lawyers draft ecommerce agreements custom tailored to suit your online business as well as legal needs.

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Online Sweepstakes & Games

Social media platforms and the Internet have helped the popularity of online sweepstakes and games explode over the last few years. However, marketing professionals running these promotions are often unaware of legal issues related to conducting sweepstakes and games online.

We guide marketers in offering online games as well as draft the underlying terms and contracts in conformity with law.

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Domain Theft

Domain theft or domain hijacking is the practice of changing a domain name’s registration without the permission of the owner. Our attorneys provide guidance on best practices to avoid domain theft and other Internet and ecommerce crime.

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Website Agreements

The phrase ‘website agreements’ refers to a wide variety of different types of contracts and agreements. Website agreements include privacy policies, terms of use, end user license agreements, etc. There are numerous agreements that fall in this category. A business needs website agreements for the particular type of Internet and ecommerce business they operate.

We draft all forms of website agreements as well as review existing agreements to ensure legal compliance.

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Impersonation and Username Squatting

Impersonation and username squatting refers to the improper use of username accounts on social media platforms to masquerade as another. These acts can be damaging to reputation and costly. Various Internet and ecommerce platforms provide a means for reporting abuse. We assist with filing take down requests as well as help with monitoring and enforcement to help prevent abuse.

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