As part of our internet law & e-commerce practice, we provide terms of use agreements services.

Terms of Use Agreements are policies also known as Terms and Conditions Agreements or Terms of Services Agreements. They are website agreements that govern a website consumer’s use of a particular website. We draft website agreements to fit a business’ needs and provide updates to comply with changing law. When used correctly, Terms of Use Agreements limit a website owner’s liability for prohibited unlawful use of the site.

Legal Protection

Well-drafted terms of use agreements are legally binding and provide legal protection for a company offering goods or services online. Similarly, terms of use agreements are useful to company’s merely maintaining a visible web presence without partaking in eCommerce. All websites should include terms of use provisions to provide explicit notice to users of the site.

Terms of Use Agreements (TOU)

We custom draft TOU agreements to match a company’s specific needs as well as comply with legal requirements. Generally, the policy should provide a website user with some basic notices regarding proper and expected use of the website. By explicitly disclosing permitted and prohibited use, website owners can limit their liability via Terms of Use Agreements.

Terms of Use disclose important information regarding use of the site, such as:

  • Whether user-submissions extend a license

  • Use of third party intellectual property rights

  • How Copyright and Trademark violations are handled

  • DMCA provisions

Website Protection

We assist in properly drafting all forms of website Terms of Use Agreements. We audit and analyze existing website policies to determine compliance needs. Our experience in social media and Internet law helps us provide cost-efficient and effective solutions for website policies and agreements.

Terms of Use Disputes and Litigation

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Additional Insights Regarding Terms of Use

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