Patent Services

Our patent lawyers advise clients on solving business issues through patent law and patent portfolio management and strategy.  

Industry-Focused Patent Business Solutions

While we provide patent solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, sporting goods/outdoor goods, fashion, ecommerce, health technology, energy, consumer products, telecommunications, and software industries and specifically provide patent solutions for a wide range of technologies including virtual reality/augmented reality; pharmaceuticals; apps and ecommerce processes; oil and gas tooling; hunting, outdoor activity, and sporting good products.

See our Solutions page for more information on the patent industry solutions we provide as well as case studies.  

Patent Services and Solutions

Our patent law clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our patent law team provides patent counseling services on a broad range of issues, including:

See our Patent Registration Process for an overview of the patent process from a patentability search through registration of a patent.  See also our Patent Cost and Pricing Options for a discussion of how much a patent costs and how we bill for our services.

Local Counsel for Patent Litigation

We also act as local counsel to out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in patent lawsuits filed in federal courts in Texas.

See our local counsel litigation page for more details, including pro hac vice admission requirements for Texas federal courts, the Texas Lawyer's Creed, and additional information about Texas patent litigation.  

If you have a patent case in the Eastern District of Texas or the Northern District of Texas, see our white papers Eastern District Texas Patent Rules: Diagram & Checklist and Texas Patent Rules Northern District: Diagram & Checklist for more detail on Texas Local Patent Rules as well as a diagram of each set of rules and a downloadable checklist.  For the local patent rules, see the following pages - Eastern District of Texas Local Patent RulesNorthern District of Texas Local Patent Rules, and Southern District of Texas Local Patent Rules.  

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Our Intellectual Property Trends blog discusses the latest developments in intellectual property, technology, social media, and Internet law.


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Additional Information on Our Patent Services

Patent Services Counseling & Portfolio Management

Effective patent counseling and patent portfolio management can be key to leveraging inventions to bring value to a business. Therefore, IP counseling and patent portfolio management is important through the life of a patent, including filing, prosecution, maintenance, and enforcement.

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Patent Transactions & Licensing

Patent transactions & patent licensing can be a way for patent holders to generate value in connection with a patent portfolio. Licensing also can be a mechanism to lawfully practice an invention covered by another’s patent. Our patent attorneys provide patent services to advise on your transactional as well as licensing needs.

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Patent Protection

Patents can be a central component of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio. Once issued, a patent can exclude another from engaging in certain activities that would compete with the patent holder. In seeking to protect an invention through patent protection, clients can develop and maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. Our IP attorneys provide patent services counseling for securing patent protection and enforcing your patent rights.

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Inter Partes Review (IPR) Proceedings

Inter partes review (IPR) is a proceeding to challenge the validity of an issued patent. The IPR is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If instituted, IPR can be a quicker, more cost-effective option to challenge a patent than federal court litigation may provide. Our IPR attorneys provide patent services counseling to help determine the best options for a patent challenge.

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Covered Business Method (CBM) Review Patent Proceeding

Covered business method (CBM) Review provides a means to challenge the validity of an issued patent meeting the definition of a “covered business method patent” at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). CBM Review can be a quicker, more cost-effective option to challenge a covered business method patent than federal court litigation may provide.

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Patent Due Diligence Review

A technology development and patent portfolio management strategy may include patent due diligence to evaluate the intellectual property (IP) of others to gain freedom to operate in a given technology field. Patent due diligence also may occur in evaluating a patent portfolio, such as in a corporate transaction that may involve patent acquisition. We offer patent services counseling to advise on intellectual property due diligence needs.

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Third-Party Patent Submissions

Until recently, third parties have had few options to influence the outcome of a third party’s patent application while it is pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Third-party patent submissions (pre-issuance submissions) allow a third party to make submissions to be considered by the USPTO when it evaluates whether to allow another party’s patent application to issue as a patent. Our IP lawyers provide patent services counseling to help identify the best options for challenging a third party patent.

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Patent Infringement Defense

Patent infringement lawsuits can be risky, expensive, and disruptive. If found liable, a company using certain patent technology may be forced to pay damages for infringement. Additionally, a company could be stopped from continuing to use the patented technology. Therefore, our patent services include review of technology and products to advise on potential infringement and defenses available in case of patent litigation.

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Patent Reexamination

Patent reexamination provides a means for a third party to challenge an issued patent in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Reexamination also provides a means to potentially bolster an issued patent. For example, reexamination could allow newly discovered prior art considered.

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Post-Grant Review (PGR) Patent Proceeding

Post-Grant Review (PGR) is one of the newest proceedings available in the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to challenge an issued patent. A PGR must be filed within nine months of patent issuance. Therefore, time is of the essence to challenge a patent through Post-Grant Review. Our patent counseling services help determine which patent challenge options are best suited for your situation as well as budget requirements.

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Patent Indemnification & Indemnity Agreements

A patent indemnification agreement or indemnity clause can provide significant protection to a party entering into a commercial transaction or contract involving patent rights. Therefore, such agreements/clauses are important to help limit the risk and liability of a party should certain issues arise. Our patent services include review as well as drafting of agreements to include indemnification.

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Patent Registration Process

The patent registration process depends on various factors, including the type of patent and the technology involved. Design patents are most easily and quickly obtained. Although, a utility patent involving changing technology could take years to prosecute and obtain registration. Our patent services include all steps of the registration process from initial patent search and opinion, to registration, as well as to enforcement of patent registrations.

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In addition to patent services and counseling, our IP and business attorneys provide legal advice and assistance in all areas of intellectual property and business law, including patent litigation and enforcement of patent rights.