As part of our Patents practice, we provide patent transactions & licensing services.

Patent transactions and patent licenses can be a way for patent holders to generate value in connection with a patent portfolio. Obtaining patent licensing can also be a mechanism to lawfully practice an invention covered by another’s patent. Our patent lawyers draft patent licenses as well as other patent transactional agreements. Additionally, we offer patent transactional and patent licensing experience, with in-depth understanding of patent law, contract law, and technology.

Patent Transactions

Patent transactions refers to the various types of agreements and contracts that a patent owner enters into in enforcing its patent. Transactions include patent licensing agreements, patent sale/acquisition, royalty agreements, and other similar types of agreements. As an intellectual property and business law firm, we are experienced in reviewing and drafting of patent transactions. Additionally, we help negotiate patent transaction deals as well as litigate patent transaction disputes.

Patent Licensing

Licensing a patent can be a complex matter. Patent license drafting requires an understanding of patent law in addition to an understanding of contract law & the patent technology. Our patent attorneys have experience in these areas, allowing us to assist clients with patent licensing and other patent transactions. Additionally, we assist both patent holders and prospective licensees in patent related negotiations.

Patent Licensing Transaction as Part of a Large IP Transaction

Patent licensing may be entered into within the context of larger intellectual property (IP) transactions. Our experience negotiating complex IP transactions have involved all forms of intellectual property assets. Additionally, we have experience with a wide range of business types and industries.

We evaluate and provide counseling regarding proposed or existing IP transactions, including patent transactions and patent licenses. Intellectual property transactions include, for example:

  • Inventorship Agreements

  • Assignments

  • Royalty Agreements

  • Sales Agreements

We have experience drafting, enforcing, and challenging numerous types of IP agreements.

Enforcing Patent Licenses and Monetizing Patents

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Additional Insights Regarding Patent Licensing & Transactions

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