Software Protection & Copyrights Services

Our intellectual property lawyers advise clients on solving business issues through copyright law and software protection strategy.

Software and copyrights go hand in hand; software development is an ever-growing industry. The work required to develop good software is complicated and intensive making software a valuable intellectual property (IP) asset. Our software protection and copyright attorneys advise clients on best practices to protect these assets through agreements and licensing, as well as copyrights, patents, and other legal steps. We also assist artists in obtaining copyright registration and protection for creative works.

Industry-Focused Copyright Solutions and Software Protection

While we provide copyright solutions to a wide range of industries, we have significant experience helping clients in the retail, technology, sporting goods/outdoor goods, ecommerce, digital arts, consumer products, telecommunications, digital marketing, luxury brands, and software industries.

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Software Protection and Copyrights Services and Solutions

Our software & copyright law clients receive the full range of the firm’s services: litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international law. 

Our software protection & copyrights law team provides counseling services on a broad range of issues, including:

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Additional Information About our Software Protection and Copyright Legal Services

Software Development Agreements

Our software attorneys are capable of developing and negotiating software development contracts that protect the interests of clients and software developers alike. These development contracts often contain terms outlining the intellectual property (IP) ownership for these respective parties.

We provide software protection through custom drafted software development agreements and contracts to preserve intellectual property rights.

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Software Licensing

Many companies manage the commercialization of their software through software license agreements, also known as end-user license agreements. Through these agreements, users can establish their right to use software, and the businesses that produce software can control how the buyer uses it.

Our IP attorneys review as well as draft custom license agreements to help ensure the developer’s rights in software and copyrights.

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Software Patents

Software is tough to develop, and software intellectual property claims can likewise be difficult to draft and subsequently get approved. One way to protect software in addition to copyrights and license agreements is through software patents filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Software-Related Services

Many aspects of computer software—code, Websites, and software-related objects, such as icons and graphical user interfaces—can be protected through copyrights and patents. 

Software is a valuable intellectual property asset deserving of strategic protection. Therefore, our software and copyrights attorneys work with clients on all forms of software related legal services.

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Software Indemnification

Precautions should be taken when engaging in commercial transactions that include software and other IP rights. Software indemnification agreements and indemnity clauses can provide significant protection by limiting risk involving liability. We provide diligence review of contracts involving software rights to help ensure proper liability protection to the parties involved.

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Copyright Protection

Copyright is often thought of as a protection given to “creative” individuals (authors, musicians, photographers, artists, etc.), but exclusive rights provided under copyright law can have tremendous value for businesses across nearly all industries.

Software development is an intensive practice and falls under the realm of copyright protection. Our software and copyright attorneys assist software makers with securing software protection through copyright registration, as well as through copyright agreements.

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Copyright Registration

Copyright protection automatically exists in common law. However, to enforce your exclusive rights through copyright litigation, registration is required. Our copyright attorneys advise on copyright registration options to best protect and preserve your intellectual property rights.

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Copyright Licensing

Copyrights take on a variety of forms, including literary works, musical works, and graphic works. Copyrights also grant the copyright holder a variety of rights, including the right to produce the work, distribute the works, or sell the work.

Therefore, copyright licensing agreements are important instruments to structure rights in third party use of works. Our software and copyrights attorneys assist with drafting complex copyright licensing agreement for copyrightprotection.

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Copyright Infringement Defense

It is important to know the steps to take when a company receives a copyright infringement notice or notice of an infringement lawsuit. Retaining a copyright attorney can make the difference between moving past the infringement notice quickly and triggering a more serious dispute. Additionally, our software and copyrights attorneys can assist with litigation. Our IP attorneys help clients navigate through copyright infringement claims.

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Copyright Indemnification

Copyright indemnification agreements help to balance the risk associated with copyright infringement. Indemnification clauses are common provisions in agreements between parties that desire to shift the risk of loss under certain circumstances. Such indemnification is often needed in licensing agreements that involve the rights to use of copyrighted works. Our copyright attorneys provide counseling on indemnification issues as well as draft agreements for liability protection.

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