As part of our technology and data practice, we provide technology outsourcing services.

Technology outsourcing, also referred to as "information-technology-outsourcing," is the practice of outsourcing a company’s computer or Internet-related work (e.g., programming, coding, etc.) to other companies. The need for IT outsourcing often arises from a lack of resources as well as a drive for cost reduction of overhead.

Technology Outsourcing Agreements and IT Outsourcing Services

The United States ranks as one of the top destinations for technology outsourcing. However, no matter how simple the outsourcing may be, companies should be diligent in putting information technology outsourcing agreements in place. Therefore, it is important to ensure proper legal agreements are in place. Aside from an IT Outsourcing Contract, the types of additional agreements and provisions to consider include, for example:

  • Information Technology Agreements

  • Software Development Agreements

  • Independent Contractor Contract

  • Non-Disclosure (NDAs)

  • Non-Compete

  • Work Product Ownership

  • Copyright Protections

  • Termination and Breach Provisions

  • Indemnification Provisions

Businesses should take caution in using a third party contract for outsourcing of work. Even if the third party is a well-known company in the industry, each party should ensure they are properly protected. Form or standardized agreements aren’t drafted for fairness to all parties involved. We review, negotiate as well as draft custom tailored agreements to help protect the rights of our clients and provide recourse should a dispute arise.

A proper IT outsourcing agreement should address several different aspects of the project. Also, technology outsourcing agreements should address expectations of each party, time frames, penalties, quality reviews, indemnity, termination, etc.

Our IT Outsourcing Services

Information technology outsourcing agreements can be complex. As a result, it is important to have a clear idea of the scope of the agreement. We negotiate technology agreements to help ensure core concepts are at the heart of the agreements and prevent surprises. Additionally, if breaches of contract or errors occur, we assist with dispute resolution, pursuit of damages, and litigation.

International Agreements and IT Outsourcing

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Additional Insights Regarding Technology Outsourcing Law

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