As part of our technology and data practice, we provide intellectual property audits and due diligence services.

With widespread Internet and smart device accessibility, most have become familiar with intellectual property and IP law. Therefore, companies should become accustomed to the utilization of intellectual property due diligence audits. IP audits are especially useful tools for identifying vital IP assets that need increased protection from theft or misappropriation.

Intellectual Property Audits

Due diligence and properly conducted intellectual property audits may uncover hidden intellectual property rights. Additionally, IP audits help businesses identify ways to maximize long-term profit and return on intellectual property assets. Due diligence IP audits also provide additional value through the identification of missing company processes and procedures. The identification of vulnerabilities allows for improvements and strategies for proper protection of business assets.

We analyze a company’s intellectual property portfolio for potential updating needs. Creating portfolios also requires strategic maintenance. Intellectual property audits allow for scrutiny of IP portfolios to determine which assets should be eliminated and which leveraged or expanded.

Due Diligence Review

Similarly, due diligence reviews of company agreements and transactions help shed light on items missing for proper protection and legal compliance. For example, diligence reviews include evaluation of the following, for example:

  • Internal company agreements and protections

  • Business compliance

  • Corporate governance

  • IP Licensing agreements

  • Trademark and brand guidelines as well as audit of proper trademark use

  • Review and evaluation of enforcement programs for effectiveness, efficiency

  • Review of technology transactions for adequate protections and compliance

  • Software licensing compliance

  • Data protection and storage

  • Website agreements

Startups often fail to put in place invaluable software agreements that could leverage important intellectual property assets. Likewise, larger companies may fail to recognize potential opportunities for licensing or allow sufficient legal protection in their website policies.

International Agreements and International Business Transactions

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Additional Insights Regarding Intellectual Property Audits & Due Diligence

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