International Intellectual Property

We offer a comprehensive slate of intellectual property protection and enforcement services.

Although our domestic intellectual property protection services provide adequate protection throughout the United States, most of these intellectual property rights stop at the US border. In today’s global marketplace, it is important for companies to protect their intellectual property in key international markets, which requires international IP protection and enforcement.

As part of our intellectual property practice, we provide international intellectual property registration and enforcement services.

We have significant experience protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients around the world. Although we offer comprehensive international IP services, a great deal of our international intellectual property legal services involve international trademark registration and international patent registration.

Our firm assists clients with international trademark registration, including using the Madrid Protocol and claiming benefits of the Paris Convention for the international trademark registration. We also work with foreign counsel to assist in obtaining an international trademark registration via the foreign country’s registration system.

International patent registration typically involves the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We routinely assist clients with international patent registration and can effectively manage local counsel as needed to prosecute an international patent registration application in a foreign country.

International Intellectual Property Services

Our international intellectual property services are divided into international intellectual property protection and international intellectual property enforcement.

International intellectual property services include:

  • International trademark registration

  • International patent registration

  • International intellectual property licensing

  • International development agreements

  • Recording intellectual property rights with US Customs

  • Registering copyrights in the United States on behalf of foreign clients

  • Registering patent in the United States on behalf of foreign clients

  • Registering trademarks in the United States on behalf of foreign clients

International Intellectual Property Disputes and Litigation

We also assist clients in enforcing their international intellectual property rights though infringement investigations, sending cease and desist letters, filing infringement lawsuits. Read more about our litigation services at our intellectual property litigation overview page and our business litigation overview page.

Additional Insights Regarding International IP Protection & Enforcement

For more information on international IP protection & enforcement legal issues, see our Legal Insights and Industry Solutions pages.