As part of our technology and data practice, we provide technology transaction services.

What Are Technology Transactions?

The phrase technology transactions refers to a number of transactions under intellectual property (IP) law. The phrase often applies to filing registrations of intellectual property as well as contracts and agreements related to technology. Additionally, transactions include tech licensing agreements, technology outsourcing, and other similar types of tech contracts and agreements.

A company leveraging IP assets should be aware that more complex legal issues may arise with technology assets involved.

Technology Agreements

We provide cogent negotiation, innovative solutions, as well as industry know-how for technology companies. As a tech law firm, our lawyers assist with drafting agreements as well as providing counseling for technology transactions. We provide assistance with the following, for example:

  • Technology licensing agreements

  • Sales and distribution agreements

  • Technology risk assessments

  • Agreements governing the sale or purchase of technology

  • Development or co-development agreements

  • Complex software agreements

  • Information technology system acquisitions

  • Outsourcing agreements

  • Company formation agreements

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Data security interests

  • Joint venture and partnership contracts

  • Distribution arrangements

Technology Risk Assessment

Businesses obtain great benefit from identification of vulnerabilities in technology systems, for improvement as well as legal compliance. Therefore, we provide counsel on strategic technology risk assessment and assist in the development of effective business and licensing models to provide technology assets protection. Technology transactions are best protected through risk assessment, procedures, and well-drafted agreements.

Technology Risk Management

Risk assessment is only the beginning for businesses. Once vulnerabilities are identified and systems, processes, and agreements are used to adequately protect technology assets, management is necessary. The process should be ongoing with periodic assessments for managing risk as changes evolve in technology as well as changes in law.

International Technology Agreements

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Additional Insights Regarding Technology Transactions

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