As part of our corporate and commercial practice, we provide contracts & commercial agreements services.

Contracts and commercial agreements are the cornerstone and foundation of all functioning companies and business entities. Our business attorneys review and draft contracts and commercial agreements custom tailored to your specific business needs and industry.

Importance of Contracts and Commercial Agreements

Whether directed to in-house employees or third-parties, professional review and drafting of all contracts is of benefit. Enlisting our attorneys can ensure your contracts are tailored specifically for the company or situation at hand. Companies should not settle for form contracts found on the Internet or transcribed from other situations. We meet with you to analyze the needs of your company and properly advise you on your situation. We draft contracts to help provide you with the proper legal protection should disputes arise in the future.

Intellectual Property in Contracts and Commercial Agreements

We also address intellectual property concerns in all aspects of your business or commercial agreements. Many companies overlook protecting intellectual property because they fail to recognize it for what it is. For example, trade secrets such as consumer lists, are often overlooked or not addressed in employment or non-disclosure agreements. We want to make sure you have addressed your important needs and obligations.

Our Contracts and Commercial Business Lawyers

Our team of experienced transactional attorneys draft and negotiate a variety of contracts, including:

  • general commercial contracts,

  • buy-sell arrangements,

  • intellectual property licensing agreements,

  • intellectual property sales agreements,

  • franchising agreements,

  • financing agreements,

  • manufacturing agreements,

  • maintenance agreements,

  • information technology agreements,

  • employment agreements, and many more.

We have the knowledge to assist clients in a variety of industry transactions. Particularly, we provide comprehensive advice in technology and intellectual property licensing agreements. Additionally, our firm’s knowledge of commercial contract law allows us to negotiate agreements of all sizes. We can assist clients in Texas and nationally to achieve the business deal results you seek through nuanced and efficient discussions with counter-parties and stakeholders.

Additional Insights Regarding Contracts and Commercial Agreements

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