As part of our Corporate and Commercial practice, we provide corporate governance & counseling litigation services.

What is Corporate Governance?

Business governance generally refers to the mechanisms, processes, and relations by which businesses are controlled and directed. Our attorneys advise on best practices and help implement processes, procedures, documents and contracts, for your unique corporate governance needs.

Corporate Governance Differs Between Company Types and Industries

A company needs policies, procedures, checks and balances, assigned to individuals at different levels of the organization to run smoothly. However, implementing such business governance requires understanding of best practices of the particular business and industry type. Often, best business practices are learned after something bad happened and lessons were learned. Our business lawyers have experience to spot issues needing governance help, due to working with clients across various industries.

Corporate governance is meant to facilitate a system of corporate guidelines that facilitate best practices in the operations of the company. So, the type of governance structures and principles will differ from company to company and industry type. Therefore, a company should draft rules and procedures that govern it, to specifically meet the company’s unique business needs. Our corporate attorneys are knowledgeable working with many types of businesses and have insight to different business governance needs.

Our Corporate Governance Counseling and Services

We provide individualized advice and draft policies, agreements, and contracts to help tighten business governance. Additionally, our business lawyers have the experience to identify concerns in current business structures, and advise on best business practices.

Our experience in business, corporate and commercial law allows us to offer special insight into corporate governance best practices. We counsel company owners, executives, boards of directors, officers and other officials on:

  • Internal Controls

  • Reporting Structure

  • Indemnification

  • Risk Management

  • Litigation Management

  • Dispute resolution

We provide advice on many areas such as company-wide risk management, executive compensation packages, and senior executive succession planning. More broadly, we help ensure our clients conform to the constantly evolving government standards and industry practices. For certain companies, we ensure good corporate governance through compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Our attorneys also help advise on conflict-of-interest management and potential breaches of fiduciary duty. Finally, we consult with clients to help develop internal codes of procedure and statements of beliefs.

Additional Insights Regarding Corporate Governance

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