As part of our business litigation practice, we provide professional negligence litigation services. 

Our business trial attorneys have experience prosecuting and defending against professional negligence claims. Because claims involving professional responsibility place a professional’s or firm’s reputation at stake, these claims must be taken seriously.

What is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence generally arises when a professional fails to meet his/her duty of care or responsibilities as required by a standard. “Professionals” can include doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, engineers, architects, etc. In addition to failing to meet a duty, a plaintiff asserting a professional negligence claim will need to show that he/she has been damaged and that the professional’s failure was the proximate cause of the damage. Often, professional negligence litigation will also involved insurance coverage issues that may affect how the lawsuit is handled and defended.

Local Counsel for Professional Negligence Litigation

We also act as local counsel for out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in professional negligence litigation in state and federal courts in Texas. See our Local Counsel page for more information regarding our services.

Additional Insights Regarding Professional Negligence Legal Issues

For more information on professional negligence litigation legal issues, see our Legal Insights and Industry Solutions pages.