As part of our litigation practice, we provide non-complete litigation services.

Non-compete agreements involve contracts in which employees agree not to compete with their employer for a period of time. As a result, non-compete agreements have become common in employment contracts. Additionally, non-compete litigation involving those contracts has increased. Non-compete agreements can include a variety of covenants, from not soliciting business from a former employer’s customers to not disclosing confidential information or inducing employees to leave the employer.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in non-compete litigation in Texas and throughout the country. Non-compete claims are frequently only one of a number of claims being asserted in a larger business dispute.  Our business litigation attorneys handle complex non-compete disputes.

Non-Compete Litigation

Litigation over non-compete agreements often moves quickly and may include requests for immediate relief, such as:

  • temporary restraining orders

  • temporary or preliminary injunctions

  • expedited discovery

  • pre-judgment remedies

Non-compete litigation provides its own challenges to a business. Therefore, it is important to develop business litigation strategies before non-compete litigation begins. Typically, the first step is reviewing employment agreements, employee manuals, and an ex-employee’s work electronic files and communications.

Non-Compete Agreements for Prevention and Enforcement

Our business lawyers provide advice on structuring employment agreements to help prevent unfair competition from former employees.  In addition, we draft agreements to provide the best legal protections for your specific company and industry. We advise on best practices with on-boarding and handling exiting employees.  For example, conducting exit interviews with departing employees is a best practice that possibly could reduce litigation risk. It also provides a good opportunity to remind departing employees of their contractual obligations. Such business practice will likely enhance the enforcement of non-compete agreements and help to avoid a need for non-compete litigation. 

Local Counsel for Non-Compete Litigation

We also act as local counsel for out-of-state plaintiffs and defendants involved in non-compete litigation in state and federal courts in Texas. See our Local Counsel page for more information regarding our litigation services.

Additional Insights Regarding Non-Compete Legal Issues

For more information on non-compete litigation and non-compete agreements, see our Legal Insights and Industry Solutions pages.