As part of our Anti-Counterfeiting practice, we provide copyright counterfeiting enforcement services.

Counterfeiting of copyrights refers to the unlawful copying of copyrighted material without the authorization from the rightful owner. Copyright counterfeiting causes billions of dollars of losses each year to copyright owners. The better a creative work is, the more popular and more likely it is targeted by counterfeiters. Therefore, copyright owners should implement copyright counterfeiting protection and enforcement programs to protect against copyright misappropriation.

Our copyright attorneys work closely with clients to develop effective anti-counterfeiting enforcement and misappropriation programs for protection of copyrights.

Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement & Copyrights

Businesses invest significant money and effort to create unique works of authorship to benefit from sale to the public. Therefore, protecting the valuable copyrights in the works from illegal copying is important. Copyright misappropriation can take on different forms, such as:

  • Piracy – Illegal reproduction of music, movies, books, other copyright works

  • Copyright Counterfeiting & Infringement – Manufacture and sale of fake goods or knockoffs

  • Gray Market Goods – Sale of goods directed outside the intended channel of trade

This misappropriation of IP rights can cause considerable economic loss of profits and market share by the rightful owner. Therefore, enforcement programs for proactive protection of copyright works is an important consideration.

Copyright Counterfeiting Protection Programs

We work with clients to develop effective anti-counterfeiting counter measures and strategies. Then we implement and execute enforcement programs in line with clients’ primary objectives. As part of our copyright counterfeiting programs for protection of copyrighted works, we also:

  • Conduct Investigations and gather evidence of copyright infringement

  • Monitor for counterfeiting and piracy

  • Record IP Rights with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol

  • File lawsuits in court to stop copyright infringement

  • File for copyright registration protection

Copyright Counterfeiting Enforcement Litigation

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Additional Insights Regarding Stopping Copyright Counterfeiting

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