Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation on A Flat Fee

Overview of LLC Formation

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity created by the laws of a state that allow business owners to protect their personal assets, separate ownership from management, receive investments, and provide for business succession.  LLC’s can have tax advantages over corporations and can be more flexible in their operation and structure.                                                                                                                      

Over the years, we have helped numerous start-ups with formation of limited liability companies. 

The Importance of LLC Formation When Running A Business

While there are a number of benefits to forming a limited liability company, one key benefit of creating a limited liability company is the fact that financial liability of the owners of the business is limited to the investment they have in the entity.  If the LLC incurs a debt, breaches a contract, or commits a tort, the owners are generally not personally liable.

By choosing to run your business as an LLC, and setting it up and running it properly, you are in essence putting up a shield to keep business creditors from your personal assets. This is a smart and safe way to run your business.

Don’t Fall For DIY and Online Fast/Cheap Shops

Some companies try to minimize entity formation costs by using cheap or free standardized legal documents or online services like and hope they have done things correctly. The danger with cookie-cutter forms or “do it yourself” formations is that, if the entity chosen isn’t appropriate, or if documents and formalities are not properly handled and documents, the formation process could be ineffective or require later cleanup at a much greater cost than any perceived savings at the front end by cutting corners.


LLC Formation Flat Rate Pricing


For a flat fee of $1,800, we will:

  • prepare and file the Certificate of Formation with the State of Texas (or other state, as appropriate);

  • pay the government filing fees;

  • draft a standard Company Agreement;

  • draft an Organizational Consent; and

  • prepare a Registered Agent Consent form (for Texas LLCs).

From a legal standpoint, this takes care of just about everything you need to get your new entity up and running, aside from obtaining an IRS tax identification number (known as an Employer Identification Number or “EIN”).

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We bill for custom business services on an hourly basis due to and based upon complexity. Get more information regarding our business services here. See Engaging with Us for how we interact with clients. 

Benefits of Our Flat Fee LLC Pricing Program

Many business owners need legal help creating an LLC, but are afraid of paying unknown, possibly huge legal fees. To ensure against potential “sticker shock” of a huge legal bill, our firm tells clients upfront what costs to expect from us regarding their LLC formation. 

With our flat rate services, you get the best of both worlds:

  • Professional Service

  • Price Predictability

You deserve trustworthy professional advice and assistance to walk you through the entire process of forming your LLC at an affordable, transparent, and predictable cost.

The Not So “Fine Print”

Limitations, Conditions, and Caveats

The filing of a copyright registration application is not the end – it is the beginning of the federal registration process.  This process can take several months, and can sometimes require additional legal work. The flat fee would NOT include any work needed on the application, if any, after filing – which would be billed hourly at our standard rates. Any additional work which may be needed is impossible to estimate prior to filing.  If more work than an hour or so of additional work were to become necessary, the client is consulted before any work is initiated. In some instances, a flat fee is not appropriate.  In those situations, we would tell you in advance what costs to anticipate.


All flat fees must be paid in advance.  Invoices or requests for retainers for future work needed will be sent in accordance with our standard billing process. As a courtesy, we accept most major cards and can accept online checks.

Additional Hourly Business Related Services

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