EULA, End User License Agreements on A Flat Fee

Why Do I Need a EULA For My Software?

If you operate a website, mobile application or software program, you need an agreement to define your rights and obligations to your users. This agreement is called an “End user license agreement” or a “EULA”.   

Our attorneys have helped numerous start-ups over the years with preparation of their EULA, and in many cases can offer Flat Fee EULA creation services. 

The Importance of a EULA

A EULA will outline key terms of the relationship between you and your licensees and users, including areas such as privacy, use of data, fees, service levels, technical support, and intellectual property ownership.  A EULA will also set limits on what users can do with the software, how and who can access it, and what you can do if a user violates the EULA. 

Don’t Fall For DIY, Free, or Generic Online Forms

Some companies try to minimize EULAs by copying documents found online or using cheap online services hoping they have done things correctly. The danger with cookie-cutter forms or “do it yourself” is that, if a EULA isn’t comprehensive and clear, it may not adequately protect your specific interests. 


EULA Flat Rate Pricing Options


For a flat fee of $2,000, we will:

  • Contact you to gather information about the project;

  • Prepare a draft EULA; and

  • Answer questions and make minor revisions to the initial draft to get you closer to a final version.

Contact us for additional information

We bill for custom agreement drafting and other business legal services on an hourly basis due to and based on complexity. See Engaging with Us for how we interact with clients.

Benefits of Our Flat Fee EULA Pricing Program

Many software owners need legal help creating a EULA, but are afraid of paying unknown, possibly huge legal fees. To ensure against potential “sticker shock” of a huge legal bill, our firm tells clients upfront what costs to expect to from us regarding their EULA.

With our flat rate services, you get the best of both worlds:

  • Professional Service

  • Price Predictability

You deserve trustworthy expert advice and assistance to walk you through the entire process of creating your EULA at an affordable, transparent, and predictable cost.

The Not So “Fine Print”

Limitations, Conditions, and Caveats

The filing of a copyright registration application is not the end – it is the beginning of the federal registration process.  This process can take several months, and can sometimes require additional legal work. The flat fee would NOT include any work needed on the application, if any, after filing – which would be billed hourly at our standard rates. Any additional work which may be needed is impossible to estimate prior to filing.  If more work than an hour or so of additional work were to become necessary, the client is consulted before any work is initiated. In some instances, a flat fee is not appropriate.  In those situations, we would tell you in advance what costs to anticipate.


All flat fees must be paid in advance.  Invoices or requests for retainers for future work needed will be sent in accordance with our standard billing process. As a courtesy, we accept most major cards and can accept online checks.

Additional Hourly Software & Copyright Related Services

In addition to our flat fee EULA services we offer a comprehensive range of technology, ecommerce, business and corporate services, including: 


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