Trade Secret Lawyers

Trade secrets are often the cornerstone of a company’s competitive advantage. Trade secrets include designs, techniques, processes, strategies, or other confidential means by which a company sets itself apart from others. Protection of these valuable trade secrets is often critical to the vitality of the company. Trade secret lawyers can assess a company’s trade secrets and provide assistance with the following types of agreements:

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Non-Solicitation Agreements

Agreements for Protection of Trade Secrets

Non-compete agreements contractually restrict employees who learn trade secrets on the job from unfairly using those trade secrets in competition. Non-disclosure agreements contractually require confidentiality of information. Non-solicitation agreements protect an employer’s investment in the training of employees against competitors hiring and benefitting from trained employees. Trade secret lawyers have an array of tools at their disposal to assist companies in protecting valuable, confidential information.

When Trade Secret Disclosure Becomes Necessary

Trade secret protection is also necessary when business must share confidential information with other businesses. Start-up companies may have to share confidential information with potential investors. Similarly, a manufacturer may have to share confidential information with a component-part manufacturer. Trade secret lawyers can advise on protection of trade secrets when disclosure is necessary in the course of doing business.


Additionally, trade secret lawyers can request injunctions to prevent infringers from executing on a threat to disclose or misuse trade secrets. In trade secret litigation, lawyers may negotiate protective orders to maintain the confidentiality of valuable, confidential information. Trade secret lawyers help recover losses when trade secret misappropriation causes a trade secret to lose protection.

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