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Reregister DMCA agents by year-end or else; companies at risk of losing DMCA safe harbor protections

Companies who allow website users to generate and post content on their websites must reregister their Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) agents with the U.S. Copyright Office by December 31, 2017, or risk losing all safe harbor protections against copyright infringement under the DMCA.

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Possible IP Limits to Flight Information on Third-Party Travel Websites

Dept. of Transportation looking into practices of travel websites and question of whether flight information is proprietary and protectable by the airlines. Article by Klemchuk LLP, an IP law firm.

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A Counterfeit Christmas: How to Protect Your Business and Your Wallet from Counterfeiters

A counterfeit Christmas? Silver bells-This stuff smells-I just bought a fake! Protect your business & wallet from counterfeit products. Blog authored by Klemchuk LLP, a brand enforcement law firm.

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