Klemchuk LLP was founded to be a different type of law firm.  We are committed to running the firm like a business, and we implement various best practices from companies as well as seek inspiration from other business leaders and books.   Below are just a few of the places we’ve found inspiration along our journey of being a values-based business, that happens to be a law firm.  

  • Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, by Gino Wickman. This book details the Entrepreneurial Operating System and how to implement it.  For us, it brought structure and accountability to the practice of law, and it continues to help us identify the right people in the right roles at the firm. 

  • Thrive by Design, by Don Rheem.   We did a deep-dive into this book with our management team.  It gave great insight on how to drive employee engagement and it explains the neuroscience that drives high-performance cultures.  It provided us with practical, detailed information on how to build and maintain such a culture.

  • People Follow You, by Jeb Blount.  This book taught us that there is a difference between managing and leading, and that true leaders have followers.  

  • Good to Great, by Jim Collins.  From this book, we began to identify our “hedgehog principle” and analyze our people from the “right person, right seat” perspective. 

Our firm is also a member of the Dallas Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.  The Conscious Capitalism organization in Dallas strives to connect profit with purpose in business.  The firm’s purpose is to be a “great place for great people to work.” 

The firm utilizes additional tools to run its business.  One such tool is a subscription to a service called Culture Index which uses personality surveys to help businesses attract and manage talent.  The Culture Index survey measures 7 key work traits and the firm uses it at the forefront of its recruiting process, as well as throughout the firm to better understand team dynamics.  

In addition, each year we pick a focus - we call it our annual “game plan.” It’s almost always inspired by something we’ve seen or read, and is aimed at improving ourselves and our productivity, thereby improving the firm. See below for a glimpse into the game plans we’ve put into place the last few years.